Gantec Publishing Solutions is in the business of providing the prepress needs of the publishing industry. With the changing face of publishing industry, likes & needs of book readers, revolution in electronic media and Gantec Publishing had a major change in business strategy towards publishing services. Gantec decided to provided electronic media conversion services to Authors and Publishing houses. These services needed to be online and highly customizable by the clients. Additionally, all the processes that involved conversion and delivery of media needed to be properly managed through a project management tool with periodic interaction with clients.

Key Challenges:

  1. An eCommerce site catering to the different needs of authors and publishing houses
  2. High flexibility of customization in service selection by clients
  3. Facilitating continuous interaction between clients and the project team at different stages of a book being processed.
  4. The web application had to be extremely intuitive and very user friendly

PPIC’s Solution:

PPIC conducted an intensive study of authors’ and publishing houses’ expectations and the present workflow. We provided a solution to automate the entire workflow of eBook conversion, billing, project communication, and a final product acceptance mechanism for the author or publishing house. The solution ensured a smooth production and standardized the workflow process of publishing a book. PPIC used latest technologies like ASP.Net 4, JQuery, AJAX and WCF for the richest and smoothest possible user experience.

Website: http://ebooks2go.net/



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