VINTEK Lien Management System


Electronic Lien System (ELT) manages the flow off vehicle Lien and Title transactions between the Vintek Lien and Title Management System (VINtek Time) and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in different states in the US. The current ELT system runs on an AS/400 IBM System with a set of COBOL programs performing data manipulation operations and facilitating the flow of data between state DMV’s and VINtek Time. Our goal is to build a robust zero tolerance system to replace the current ELT system. The new system will run in a JAVA/J2EE environment.

Key Challenges:

Integration of the ELT system with different DMVs, with each DMV using distinct communication protocols and file formats. Building the new ELT system with the same functionality as the current system but with an enhanced set of features for a better user experience and better usability in terms of data acquisition, management and reporting.

PPIC's Solution:

Our solution aims to make the new ELT more robust and scalable. The new system will be modular with different components acting as building blocks that gel together to form a cohesive system. Whenever possible, we embrace existing industry standards that have significant traction. In some cases, we may customize existing standards to meet the needs of the new ELT. Our solution will make use of advanced frameworks like Spring and Hibernate and J2EE tools like JMS, MQSeries and RESTful web services.