SecureNet Payment Systems accelerates strategic shift to multi-channel payments integrator enabling businesses to accept payments by any way customers want to pay. SecureNet, based on Austin, TX, pioneered the payment industry’s only cloud-based solution to seamlessly integrate point-of-sale, mobile and eCommerce payments processing, inventory management and data analytics for merchants. The approved and settled transactions automatically delivered daily via Secure FTP as long as there have been transactions for that day. The Post Settlement File Format – Reconciliation files sent daily for the previous day’s transactions in the format of .FT and excel files for each Merchant from different Regions.

Key Challenges:

Read data from the .FT files format and produce report based on the data.

PPIC Solutions:

The SecureNet system provides a scheduled task to download the input files from SFTP to local source folder. The downloaded files processed from website and generates detailed and summary reports for the selected or all Merchants based on selected Regions.