Programmers Investment Corporation was managing order processing for multiple clients on a Mainframe system. There were six different applications – order insertion, order editing/corrections, order processing, payment processing, customer service, and batch scheduling – all working independently of each other. Running these applications in the aforementioned capacity was becoming cost prohibitive. PIC needed an efficient and cost effective solution, integrated to bring all the discrete operations of order management under one single platform.


PPIC studied the existing environment rigorously and came up with an integrated solution (PyXis) that gave PIC a big boost in its operational efficiency and cost effectiveness. PyXis is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. The custom solution provided a complete integrated work flow with the following systems:

  1. Order entry/call center portal
  2. Public Website Integration API
  3. Order processing
  4. Product management
  5. Payment processing through several gateways (Paymentech, Litle,, Securepay, Lucy, Paypal, etc.)
  6. Recurring/Installments and One shot payment processing.
  7. Marketing support (Promotions, pricing)
  8. Customer service portal with returns and refunds
  9. Order fulfillment and inventory management and connecting to Warehouse management systems.
  10. Data Analysis and Reports for Merchants