Identity IQ – Credit Report related services

  1. PIC CMS was created to handle multiple versions and private labeling of the website.
  2. All changes to be monitored through Content Management System (CMS), allowing private labeling with different organizations.
  3. All interactions were handled through Webservices for both CreditNet and PIC.
  4. Working with Creditnet to extract both credit reports and Monitoring Alerts from three credit bureaus for both offline and online.
  5. Keeping information extremely secure (PCI compliance).
  6. Providing a shopping cart feature to give various options for buying credit reporting and monitoring (we offer paid and trial versions)
  7. Allow both paid and unpaid plans in the same application.
  8. Synchronizing website activities with PIC’s mainframe system for billing and customer support.
  9. Integrating some of the monitoring information in a flash presentation.
  10. Capturing and notifying monitoring alerts to the users.
  11. Created tools to support customer service for researching client questions, updating emails, resetting passwords, etc.
  12. Authenticate users due to the sensitive nature of the information.
  13. Ability for customer service to manually authenticate users.

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