Dell Financial Services

Dell issues a Preferred Account card(DPA) to its customers who can buy laptops or other electronics from Dell ecommerce site. PPIC must establish a process where merchants/vendors can offer the DPA card, as a payment option, on their website. Selecting the DPA card payment option on merchant/vendor website, will send the request to DFS Gateway via API. After a successful fraud check, via Iovation, DFS will send a real time authentication/authorization call to Fiserv. The Fiserv response will be sent back to the merchant/vendor. The customer will be notified immediately on the website. The merchant will notify PPIC of fulfilled orders and PPIC will submit the billing record to Fiserv, via the Standard Monetary Format (batch).


  • Dell didn’t have any precedence of this work
  • They had very strict guidelines on design and exposure of DELL name
  • Dell uses FiServ as the financial gateway, which works only through a VPN tunnel. PPIC had to create a VPN tunnel to reach FiServ.
  • The fraud process was previously manually handled at DFS. PPIC has automated this process.


PPIC has provided a platform, “Easy & Direct Financing Solution”, with the design as per the DELL standards which handles the payment requests from Merchant sites, authorize with Fiserv, detect the fraud and process it,.

Our solution includes:

  • Integration mechanism with Merchant Sites
  • Authenticate DPA
  • FiServe Gateway Integration
  • Transaction Authorization
  • Order Fulfillment Communication
  • Merchant Financial Settlement