ClearPay Processing (CPP) offers an array of payment services including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, check services, EBT, gift and loyalty cards and ACH. CPP also offers its merchants access to working capital via a merchant cash advance. CPP merchants sell a portion of their future credit card sales in exchange for cash today. Aggressive approach of ClearPay processing is to share its revenue which enables its Partners and Agents to earn their commission on basis of total sales of each merchant.

Key Challenges:

  1. Maintenance of huge number of Merchants and calculating percentages from their total sales of different Products and share the percentage among Partners and Agents.
  2. Maintain different compensations for Partners & Agents and calculate percentages from their merchants.
  3. Calculate Bonus amount for the Partners and their Agents.
  4. Partner wise and Agents wise accumulated monthly report.

PPIC Solutions:

PPIC provided a system called “ClearView - Partner Portal” to meet the business challenges as mentioned above.

  1. Enrolment of Agents, Partners, Processors, Merchants & Products.
  2. Add different compensations for Partners & Agents.

  3. Each month, merchant residual spreadsheets (total sales) are uploaded into the system and the uploaded data used for revenue sharing calculations as specified in the compensations.

  4. The system processes the merchant spreadsheet data and the commission amount will be calculated based on the total sales of each Merchant.

  5. Facilitate for Agent/Partner logins and they can view report of the particular/all their merchant’s commission amount.