Bliss World Offers


BLISS is a renowned brand in the world of beauty products. At the end of every year, Bliss has a weeklong promotional sale. Bliss wanted an e-commerce solution that could take orders from web and phone customers, charge credit cards and handle order processes. The system needed to be highly efficient to handle a load of 20,000 simultaneous orders.


PPIC took the challenge of designing a system that could deal with that many users at once. The solution included

  1. A website on the Windows Azure Platform designed to bear multiple loads
  2. A Customer Service Portal to handle phone orders and order updates
  3. Everything was integrated to PPIC's PyXsis platform for whole Order Management System(OMS)that included payment processing(one-time and recurring installments) and warehouse system integration for shipping products. This significantly cut down processing time and ensured the timely delivery of products before Christmas.